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Post by Admin on Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:49 pm

we have come to realise people are unsure how to upload photos so thought we would make a post for users to be able to see how to do it Smile

so here goes:

firstly take ur photos so they are in your computer Very Happy

then go to

How to post pics Joinnow

click join now

How to post pics Usernamepassword

1: choose a username
2: choose a password and retype
3: continue by clicking

How to post pics Personaldetails

1: fill out the details
2: accept by clicking

then you will need to log in to ur account using your username and password

How to post pics Uploadingpics

uploading pics:

1: click browse and find your picture
2: click upload

when upload is complete u will see:

How to post pics Uploadingpics-1

1:left click in this img box and a yellow copied box will appear
then right click paste within a post on here

if pics are too big click on the edit (circled number 2)

How to post pics Editingsize

then click number 1

and choose the option 2 for posts or 3 for an avataar which is what is on the left here under your username to add this to ur profile u will need to click profile at the top of the page and enter in by copy and pasting the link where it says avataar

you can also edit your signatures this way too Smile

good luck and problems please start a post in the help section.


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